Professional Tennis for Ambitious Players

Professional Tennis for Ambitious Players

Again a great talent from Sweden

This Pro-Am package is the top of our programs and fits perfect with players who want to play big tournaments. It includes an intensive training and you will be on the court for at least four hours a day. We also recommend additional fitness workouts so you exercise at least 5-6 hours a day. We will train on the clay courts of Club del Sol. Those courts are very well maintained in a quite and clean environment.

In the immediate vicinity you can stay in the luxury apartments of Dutch Estates or Ona Campanario/Crown Resorts. Those apartments are just a few minutes walk from the courts of Club del Sol. Calahonda beach and numerous restaurants are also a few minutes away from your apartment.

Nikita speaks many languages including English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Dutch. For more information feel free to fill out a booking request and we will make you an
offer. For the trip we recommend to book this through one of the many airlines. We would like to help you to make your stay as pleasant as possible. See you soon in the Costa del Sol.

As you know a tennisplayer needs a lot of bagage to become a complete player:

  • Technics(back-/forehand, service, spin, power, slice etc.
  • Material(racket/strings/tension etc.)
  • Tactics (when to play your best shots)
  • Fysical(condition, footwork, food..)
  • Mental(How to focus after you lose a point..)

In our package Pro-Am we focus on fysical, technics, and tactics.

Together we look what the best way is to improve your gameplay. During the training we will of course adapt if necessary. Our goal by the package Pro-Am is getting better and winning!.

One of our principles is that we don’t focus too much on your weaknesses. Most of the time it is better to improve your game by perfecting your good strokes. Nevertheless we will always try to make your “bad” strokes better.

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