About Me

About Me


My name is Nikita. I am 31 years old and living in Calahonda, Spain. I started playing tennis at the age of 8. After a short period at my hometown Haaften I followed selection training courses in central Holland.

In the last few years I have always been busy getting the maximum out of myself by training hard. Because I am very performance-oriented, I have participated in many national tournaments in recent years. In addition, in addition to the competitive aspect, I find tennis very important for social contacts. For example, thanks to tennis, I got to know a lot of friends throughout the country. In 2013 I graduated from the ALO (Fontys Sporthogeschool.) A college education where I learned a lot in the field of many different sports, psychology, anatomy, medical knowledge and of course teaching to youth between 4 and 18 years.

Besides the ALO I have obtained my A-license (recreation), B-license (competition) and tenniskids licenses through the Dutch KNLTB. In the meantime I have had my own tennis school Tennis Academy Nikita for a number of years and here in Spain Sportsworld Nikita In the past 6 years I have been headtrainer at various clubs. You will wonder why then leave from the Netherlands and start an uncertain existence in Spain. During my internship I trained in Barcelona at the tennis school of Andres Gimeno.

I have noticed that training in a pleasant atmosphere gives a huge boost to your body, so that you have much faster effect of your training program than in the Netherlands where rain, wind and sometimes freezing temperatures may affect your training sessions 75% of the time. My goal is to convey my passion and knowledge during training sessions to the athletes and thus achieve the highest attainability from each individual.

In addition to intensive training, I find the combination with fun and humor very important! Meanwhile I have found my way here on the Costa del Sol and have built up a nice clientele of residents, holidaymakers and top athletes.

I hope to meet you soon on the beautiful Costa del Sol

with sporty greetings,

Nikita Kiep