Junior Tennisacademy

Junior Tennisacademy

Some of my Youngsters!

Tenniskids is a program developed by the Dutch KNLTB to make youth, up to 12 – 14 years, enthousiast for tennis. Goal of the youth-program is intende to challenge children to learn play tennis. Trough this program they stengthen their physical, locomotion- and social skills.

Childrens age in the 2019 in assocation with the tennisballscolor

Right color balls prevents injurys and gives more fun,

Roland Garros 2030!

For young children are special tennisballs in the colors Blue, Red, Orange and Green. To prevent injurys it is very important that children play tennis with the right type balls.

Tennistraining during your Holiday

I am offering you the opportunity to train your child, or children, during your holiday at the Costa del Sol. If you are staying at the neigbourhood of Calahonda / Marbella / Fuengirola I can offer a pickup and return service.

Padel for kids

Padel is very popular in Spanish, including among children, and is also a rapidly emerging sport in Western Europe. Children especially find the tactical use of the walls and the private storage wonderful.

I also take part in padel tournaments on the Costa and it is possible to teach young and old at various locations along the Costa. Please contact me to make a plan!

My drive!

As a tennis and padeltrainer I am known for being very driven. I think it is important that young children are not overloaded and that they learn the sport with good technique. They will enjoy this at a later age and annoying injuries are prevented. In addition, because of my pedagogical training, I can guide and motivate children well.