There are a lot of people who buy a membership and go to the gym. They just start, but unfortunately a lot of them quit after a couple of weeks or couple of months.


Sometimes it’s because of the results. Sometimes they don’t have enough motivation to continue. And what I see is that most of the people who quit, don’t had a schedule. They just buy a membership they start doing different exercises, but without a schedule and without a plan.

If people ask me for personal training almost always this is a question I get. They don’t know what ant how to start. And how to continue.That’s why I choose to write this blog. My advice for people who want to start Fitness training.

1. Make a schedule. Ask a personal trainer for advice. In your plan you take with you: how many hours you want to train. What do you want to achieve? How do you think you will succeed? Which muscles do you train on which days? What is your beginsituatie? Write down your kilos per exercise. How do you measure your results? My advice: take a small notebook with you and write down weekly or once in the two weeks what you did and with how many kilos.

Good exercises!

2. Choose good exercises. Ask a personal trainer for advice. Try composite exercises. With these exercises you train more different muscles in one exercise. You train your muscles much better and you create more fuctionak power/strength. Examples are: squats, lunges, bench press and deadlift.

3. Tranquilo!

Don’t work to fast. Take your time for an exercise and a movement. Try to think about 4 seconds per movement. 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down. If you try to do the movement slowly, you will train your muscles better, because they need to control the movement for a longer time.

4. Take a small break between the sets. Did you know that the rest you have to take between sets depends on the kilos you work with? How heavier the weight, how longer the rest. Also how many reps you make, influence your rest. With 12 to 15 reps, your muscles will recover quickly. If you are working with heavier weights with a maximum of 5 reps? Take at least 2 minutes rest.

5.Eat something before you train, but at least 30 minutes before. Don’t eat a big meal, but something easy with protein. I always take a Herbalife shake. Easy, delicious and it helps my muscles growing. What I like about these shakes is that I recover more quickly since I use them. I’m not hungry. And it’s not to heavy in my stomach while I’m working out. (Send me a message to know more and to try them too if you like.)
A good warming up is also very important. During the warming up you need to warm up the muscles you’re going to use during the strength training. You want to warm your muscles up, so low intensity. You don’t want to get injuries

6. After training it’s also important to eat something. Your muscles need nutrition to recover. After strength training I would recommend again enough protein. Protein will help you to recover more quickly, but yo uj also need carbs.

My advice: eat some good nutrition right after the training. Your body and muscles are still warm. Your heart rate is a little bit higher than in rest. So your body will take the nutrition easier on this time. I always take the Rebuild Strength. It has all the ingredients you need after a workout and it’s easy to bring with you to the gym. You just need the powder and water. The recovery after this one? Perfecto!!

7.Take some rest after the training. The best is to give the muscles you trained 2 days rest. We don’t want to have injuries.. 

8. Enjoy! Enjoy your workout. Enjoy your results. Big or small results, it doesn’t matter. Be proud of you. Believe in yourself. Set goals, set goals inbetween your big goals. Measure your results. Bring some nice music with you. And let’s go!

Questions or do you need advice? Send me a message!

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