Cuatro meses en Andalucía

Cuatro meses en Andalucía

Buenos días!

I have been living in Andalusia for 4 months now. That’s why I thought it was time to share some experiences with you. During these months I met many different nationalities. I have given training to Dutch, Germans, Belgians, Britons, Danes, Finns and Russians. In the school holidays especially many children, outside the holidays often groups of adults. From teaching here I enjoy tremendously. The weather is fantastic, so that not only I, but also the players enjoy it immensely. I teach a lot of different ages and levels. In May, for example, I taught a group of Danes who first became acquainted with tennis. The following week I taught Finnish ladies with a high level, who play many international tournaments and wanted to put the finishing touches during this week. Nice to teach different levels. The ages also vary a lot. I teach young children (from 4-5 years) and my oldest players here are 65 plus. Fantastic! Besides the work I also enjoy tremendously. The free time here is very different for me than in the Netherlands. Because the climate is so pleasant, I live outside almost all day. I enjoy my free time here more than in the Netherlands. Partly because of the wonderful weather. For me, free time really feels like a vacation here. There are many beautiful places to see in the area. In large cities (next to Málaga and Marbella) I went to Granada, Ronda, Gibraltar and Sevilla. I visited Granada during Semana Santa. The week before Easter. If you ever have the opportunity to experience Semana Santa in Spain: Do !! All week several processions can be seen in the big cities. I found this very impressive to see. A lot of incense, ringing bells, melancholic music and lots of passion. It has left a deep impression on me. Granada itself is also a beautiful city. The Alhambra is very impressive and definitely worth a visit. I ate a lot of tapas during my days in Granada. The Spaniards sometimes call Granada the best city to taste tapas. As soon as you order a drink, you get a free tapa. Romnomnom …..:) Ronda is an hour’s drive from Marbella. It has a beautiful, old center and is often visited because of the famous bridge (Puente Nuevo.) The bridge connects the old town (La Ciudad) and the market (Mercadillo) with each other. Above the bridge are rooms that were used during the Spanish Civil War as a prison and torture chamber, where people were killed by throwing them out of the window. Fiercely! A walking path runs down next to the bridge. From this path you can clearly see the gap and the bridge. In addition, nature is beautiful here. Well worth it! Do not forget to bring your camera! Gibraltar is of course known for the beautiful view of Africa and the monkeys. Beware of these monkeys, because they love phones, sunglasses and everything they can find in a bag. I saw monkeys hanging on a woman’s bag, trying to bite the handle of the bag to get the bag. Smart straw bags! Also beware of petting these monkeys. I visited Gibraltar with my parents. The monkeys really liked my mother … Well …. they did not bite her …;) But when I just held my hand on a monkey for the photo, I almost had a few monkey teeth in my hand . I had so kindly asked ..;) Not only the rock with the monkeys, but also the center is very cozy. Before you enter Gibraltar, you must pass customs. To cross the border you sometimes have to wait. Just after the border lies the runway of Gibraltar Airport. You have to cross this one to enter Gibraltar. Occasionally wait for an airplane so .. I found very funny to see.Sevilla is 2.5 hours away from Marbella. For me at this moment 1 of the most beautiful cities. Plaza España is very impressive. This is the most famous square in Seville. The square has the shape of a huge semi-circle that is completely surrounded by beautiful buildings. At the bottom of these buildings are 52 tile mosaics, Fresco’s, on which all the Spanish provinces are depicted in Azulejos (typical Andalusian tiles.) The square has also been used in many films, including in The Dictator. In addition to the beautiful squares and buildings, Seville also has a lot of beautiful nature. Many beautiful parks full of trees, flowers and birds. In addition to these cities, South Spain also has beautiful nature. If you drive into the mountains from the coast, you will encounter areas where almost or no buildings are to be seen. Here and there a stray mountain goat, gigantic fields with sunflowers and a beautiful view. I made a long hike in the nature reserve Torcal de Antequera. The park is best known for rocks from the karst period that are modeled in erratic forms by erosion. Do you like walking, this is really the place to be! Torcal is about 1.5 hours away from Marbella. The route to Torcal is also beautiful! And once you are at the place of destination, it is 1 and enjoy nature! I went to Torcal with a friend. We expected to walk for an hour or two. Eventually we walked seven (!) Hours. We went back because it was already getting dark, but preferably we had spent more time here. This week the busy summer period starts in Spain. I teach this week to the first summer holiday children. Russian children who train every morning for three weeks. A number of these children come to train every school holiday in Spain. I’m absolutely right. 😉 I learned some Russian words the first few days. My dictionary becomes fuller and fuller. I’m going to enjoy it again. And .. when are you coming? Want to see all this beauty in combination with tennis training and / or fitness / bootcamp training? Send us an email, app or facebook message with the dates you would like to come. We will send you a nice offer within a week!

Hasta pronto!


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