On Monday 3 April I flew back from Rome to Malaga. A trip that I was really looking forward to. I could barely walk. Standing on my legs did very well. How the hell did I get on the plane? After a lot of gagging I arrived at the airport. Fortunately, I saw a lot of IRunRome bags and wobbly people there. My half plane was full of marathon runners. That is probably why we left after three quarters of an hour delay. Before everyone had hoisted the plane we were a little further … Tuesday I had a day off. What I was very happy about, since I still could not walk. On Wednesday I woke up and I was amazed at the fact that I did not feel any pain when I moved my body. The muscle pain was gone! This week I taught a group of Danes. A group that consisted of 8 players the first day and 12 from 12. With this group it was the first time on tennis holidays in the Costa del Sol. A super week. The courses of Club del Sol were of course beautiful and also the weather was fantastic. 25 degrees and a clear blue sky. During the trainings I sometimes catch myself that I do not get the smile from my face. What is it fantastic to be here. I work hard, but I feel like I’m on vacation. Something that I really enjoy is the weather conditions, which make it ideal for training. We do not have to adjust the training to the wind, the rain or the cold. We can train what we want and see results faster. The group consisted of 8 men and 4 women. The first acquaintance was funny for me. I am good at remembering names. Something that I find very important. It indicates that you show interest in someone. In the Netherlands remembering names was a breeze for me when I got a group of 8 in front of me. But with the Danes that was something else …. And so I tried to listen to 8 Danish names, which I had never heard before and remember a face ……. After the first two hours training all remember! The story of how this group came together is very nice. They met each other at a tennis holiday .. And then again at a tennis holiday .. Then they kept in touch, organized a competition against each other and this year together on tennis to the Costa in southern Spain. A very nice atmosphere. But on the job they are hard workers. They have trained 4 hours every day. Two o’clock in the morning and two o’clock in the afternoon. During this week the players have gone through almost all of the strokes. And trained technically, tactically, physically and mentally. And then, after the training, enjoy a drink and chicken wings on the terrace of the tennis club. (The club gives free chicken wings every day to the players .. And they are delicious !!! I’m hooked;)) It was actually a Copenhagen team against team Kolding. The whole week a nice fight where we ended the training with different exercises where the players could get points. And this was of course counted as Team Copenhagen against Team Kolding. Great! Other languages ​​I also find fantastic. I would like to learn something from each language. This was my first real acquaintance with Danish. And so I secretly learned quite a few words of Danish this week. I could tell that the group really liked that I tried this. And so we could have a simple conversation in Danish at the end of the week. And of course I want to share a few sentences with you..

Hej! Hvordan gar det? Det gar godt.Bi ses!

I have enjoyed again.

It was a great week!


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