First Blog!

First Blog!

First impressions

Meanwhile, the first two weeks in Marbella behind us. Had the case in the Netherlands and during my first visits already nicely prepared and it helps a lot of course if you speak the Spanish language, but there is still much to arrange. Like trying to get the best jobs and expanding the travel package. In addition, try to get the website up and running. In short, a lot of effort to get my business going. Because of the wonderful atmosphere everything goes a lot more relaxed. In addition to daily things via Facebook and Twitter, the intention is to post a blog every two weeks


As indicated on the site, we initially chose to offer Ona Campanario apartments close to the Club del Sol courts. Because there is a lot of demand for fully catered trips, I also want to offer them in our package soon. A lot of aquisition in recent weeks. and to practice my Spanish a lot, now visited a large number of luxury hotels and most of them had ears to my plans. Soon we expect to be able to offer fully arranged 7-day trips with flights from Transavia. Keep an eye on the site or let us make an offer.

Special wishes, ask us!


  • Next week the first customers for Sportsworld Nikita in Marbella who are going to enjoy a wonderful tennis week. The weather and temperature are already playing.
  • From April also a few hours of teaching at a local luxury hotel with beautiful jobs.
  • As you know, I already have opportunities on Club del Sol, but I also want to try to warm up hotels with tennis courts for my plans. It seems to be possible to succeed at a number of beautiful hotels on the Costa. We then have a wonderful package for you.


This weekend also my first paid bootcamp lessons on the beach. Promotions and free lessons all week throughout the week. Despite that it is still quiet with the tourists had a lot of interest.

So much English language interest will soon make the site bilingual.

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